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Brunch Menu

(served with desi hashbrowns & masala baked beans)

Bombay Breakfast  $18

2 eggs – any style I cream cheese bagel I bacon or sausage.

Anda Ghotala $19

Masala Burji (scrambled egg with onion, tomato, chilli, cilantro) topped with
fried egg I served with Pav

Anda tawa masala $18

Street favourite in Bombay I boiled eggs cooked with spicy Tawa masala sauce.

Chicken Shakshuka   $20

Irani green masala spiced kheema (minced chicken) I 2 poached eggs I masala hashbrowns & home-made butter bun

Lamb Shakshuka  $22

Eggs poached in spiced lamb kheema (minced lamb) I masala hash & house made butter toasted bun

Boiled Eggs $6

2 Soft boiled Eggs dusted with chili powder and chaat masala

Bombay Grilled Cheese Sandwich  $15

Sliced red beets, onions, green peppers & potato I grated cheese &  Green chutney

Bun Maska      $6

Warm bun with butter to be dipped happily into hot chai I simplest thing, eaten every where in Bombay

Sabudana Khichdi  (Tapico Pearls)     $18

A Popular breakfast in Bombay i chewy tapioca, crunchy peanuts, sweetness of potatoes, cilantro& some spices issuper satiefying gluten free & nutritional one pot bunch

Parsi Omelette)      $18

onion, tomato, chilli, coriander I some cheese I masala hash & home-made butter
pav (a widely popular bun mostly used for street foods in India)

Russ Omelette   $19

A street food favourite in Goa (a coastal region of India) I onion, tomato omelette
floating in Goanese xacuti curry I homemade bun.r sauce

Waffles (Gluten Free) Served with side desi hashbrowns

Chicken Tikka Waffle  $18

Fried Tandoori spiced chicken on waffle I curry leaf tadka I Chilli oil

Chilli Cheese Chicken Waffle   $19

Cheese & green chilli marinated chicken thigh cooked in tandoor I waffles I spiced cream sauce

 Cheesy Corn Waffle $17

Brown butter Corn I bell peppers I cheese sauce

All our Bennys comes with Bombay Tigers signature Pickled Raw Mango
Hollandaise, poached eggs are served on freshly baked mini naan, accompanied
with desi hashbrowns & masala beans.

Chicken Tikka Benny  $18

Tandoor cooked Chicken tikka I poached eggs I mini naan & BT Hollandaise

Classic Benny $17

Mini naan I bacon I poached eggs I BT Hollandaise

Farmers Market  $18

Spinach & avocado I poached eggs I BT Hollandaise & sundried tomato pesto

Classic Benny  $17

Mini naan I bacon I poached eggs I BT Hollandaise

Bombay Tiger Benny  $21

Spice braised Lamb shoulder I poached eggs I caramelized onions & goat

Fungi  $20

Spice braised Lamb shoulder I poached eggs I caramelized onions & goat

 all our Naan are freshly baked to order and then smothered with little tomato chilli jam, dash of cream cheese & cilantro then stuffed with top rated fillings)

Veg & Cheese Roll  $18

Grilled Haloumi I sauteed spinach I black cumin & desi slaw
(Chef suggests to add fried Egg) $2

Egg & Bacon Naan Roll     $18

stuffed with maple wood smoked bacon I fried eggs & desi slaw I side desi hashbrown

Double cheese Naan roll     $19

Stuffed cheese naan I Maplewood smoked bacon I apple chicken sausage I  desi slaw & fried egg I side masala hashbrown.

Lamb Boti Roll    $21

tender lamb charred in tandoori I desi slaw I fried egg I bottle spices I masala hashbrowns

Dosa (the closest we have to a French crepe, the dosa batter is made with stone grinding fermented rice & lentil)

Masala Dosa    $17

Thin dosa stuffed with masala potato I served with sambhar I chilli chutney & coconut chutney

Gunpowder Dosa    $16

Thin Dosa dusted with gunpowder and smothered with ghee.

Andhra Kara Dosa     $16

Thin Dosa smothered with a house made spicy chiil paste, onions & grated  cheese

Chilli Jam & cheese Dosa    $17

Thin Dosa with a house made chilli jam & cream cheese.

Egg masala Dosa       $17

Dosa smothered with whole egg and stuffed with spiced potatoes.

Idli          $16

Steamed dumplings of fermented rice & lentil I served with chutneys and sambhar.

Mendu wada          $16

Fried dumplings of black gram I 2 chutneys & sambhar

 Uttappa             $16

Thick dosa pancake topped with toppings of your choice.

(onion, tomato, chilli & cilantro)

French Toast Brulee       $18

Soaked overnight I pan fried in butter I caramelized sugar & vanilla custard

(add a scoop of vanilla gelato)

 Pancake stack  $18

3 pancakes stacked high I warm coconut & jaggery crumble I jaggery syrup I

Berry & Choco Waffle  $17

Waffle I berry compote I fresh fruits I chocolate ganache I maple syrup

Bombay Tiger Benny Bowl – GF  $21

Masala hashbrowns I bacon, sausage & mushrooms I BT Hollandaise I poached
egg I fried paneer curds


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